Some time age one of my colleagues, An V., played with the idea to start a company magazine. Everybody liked the idea and our manager gave a green light to create “De Poreiflash”. Why it’s called “De Poreiflash” is a long story and I have to kill you when you don’t work for iAdvise and I tell you this.

But to keep the story short, she asked colleagues to contribute and asked me if I could write something about PL/SQL. Sure I wanted to do that! But about what in PL/SQL? There so much to talk about…

I got “carte blanch”, so I started looking for topics: hints and tips, must know features, technical solutions. What else comes up when thinking about PL/SQL? Indeed…Steven Feuerstein.

Wouldn’t it be cool to start with an interview with Steven Feuerstein? I contacted Steven and he was prepared to answer some questions for “De Poreiflash”. The full interview can be read on the iAdvise blog.