A few months ago we (APEX Evangelists) launched the APEX Challenge, a weekly quiz where you get a question about Oracle Application Express. Next to the fun of answering the questions and see your rank, you will hopefully learn something.

To make it a bit easier for the APEX community, to find the site, we looked at a specific url for the APEX Challenge.

Before, you always had to go to the PL/SQL Challenge and take the APEX quiz from there, which you can still do, but have now we enabled http://www.apex-challenge.com too.

We also have the apexquiz.com domain, so my question now is: which domain do you like most?

– stay at plsqlchallenge.com
– go to apex-challenge.com
– go to apexquiz.com

Go to the article on my blog or contact me through APEX Evangelists and tell us what you like… In a few weeks we will redirect the domain permanently. If you have suggestions to make the APEX challenge/quiz better, please share with us too.

Thanks so much.