By Matt Nolan, APEX Freelancer

Recently I had an inquiry via my website asking whether I was able to create a selectable body chart APEX plugin for a physiotherapy practice so they could easily highlight joint pain and record information against these selected areas. One of the challenging requirements was to allow fine grained selectivity of 16 areas on each hand, whilst working within a very limited budget.

Initially I was hesitant, since I had never done this, but I recalled reading a number of blogs in the past which described using Raphael.js, an open source SVG drawing library which easily allowed you to hook in javascript events on mousenter, mouseout etc. to obtain the details of the selected area and add colour fills. So armed with this knowledge I thought I would take a risk and give it a go as I could see the potential for other uses, and to my surprise it was actually a lot easier than I expected it to be.

You can read the full article on my blog and see how I got on.