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At last week’s Dallas Oracle Users Group meeting, an Oracle DBA asked me, “With all the new database alternatives out there today, like all these open source NoSQL databases, would you recommend for us to learn some of those?” I told him I had a theory about how these got so popular and that I wanted to share that before I… Continue Reading →

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My friend Chester (Chet Justice in real life; oraclenerd when he puts his cape on) tweeted this yesterday: “can’t lives on won’t street – i’m sure my son will hate me when he’s older for saying that all the time.” I like it. It reminds me of an article that I drafted a few months ago but hadn’t posted yet. Here it is… When I… Continue Reading →

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One of the biggest problems in software performance today occurs when the people who write software are different from the people who are required to solve the performance problems that their software causes. It works like this: Architects design a system and pass the specification off to the developers. The developers implement the specs the architects gave them, while the… Continue Reading →

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This video is a recording from the webinar broadcast by Red Gate on 24th January 2012. You may’ve heard the idea that real developers don’t need tools, and the mark of a good developer is someone who can hand-code everything. But there are certain tasks where it doesn’t make sense to disregard using tools. In particular, critical tasks that need… Continue Reading →

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A piece of string is stretched tightly around the Earth along its equator. Imagine that this string along the equator forms a perfect circle, and imagine that to reach around that perfect circle, the string has to be exactly 25,000 miles long. Now imagine that you wanted to suspend this string 4 inches above the surface of the Earth, all… Continue Reading →


The Ramp

Cary Millsap on 20 December 2011 with 0 comments

I love stories about performance problems. Recently, my friend Debra Lilley sent me this one: I went to see a very large publishing company about 6 months after they went live. I asked them what their biggest issue was, and they told me querying in GL was very slow, and I was able to fix quite easily. (There was a… Continue Reading →

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A one-day course taught by Cary Millsap London, UK, 8 Sept 2011 Oracle trace data is an extraordinarily rich information source for database application developers, administrators, and anyone who cares about the speed of an Oracle Database application. Oracle trace files include information that yields value throughout your software life cycle, whether you’ve bought prebuilt applications or built them yourself…. Continue Reading →

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Cary Millsap (Oracle Ace Director, co-founder of the OakTable) explains how the principles of the Agile Manifesto have defined his most commercially and technically successful projects (specifically, the implementation of the Agile Manifesto called Extreme Programming (XP), as explained by Kent Beck). Watch a full video recording of the session, including the Q+A. Visit the Red Gate website for more… Continue Reading →

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What’s the best way to make a presentation on Agile practices? Practice Agile practices. You could write a presentation “big bang” style, delivering version 1.0 in front of your big audience of 200+ people at Kscope 2011 before anybody has seen it. Of course, if you do it that way, you build a lot of risk into your product. But… Continue Reading →

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