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The below content is based on a David Peake‘s presentation at OOW 2012 and APEX World 2013. As the Oracle Database 12c is not out yet at the time of writing, note that things might be different in the final product. The Oracle Database 12c is a major release in Oracle history, as it contains a complete redesign of the underlying architecture. Two… Continue Reading →

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There is a series of posts on my blog where I focussed on getting information out of E-Business Suite and use it in my APEX application. This is especially useful for people using APEX. Here is a complete overview of those posts: Calling EBS Webservices from APEX Using EBS Open Interface from APEX Debugging EBS API calls in APEX Updating EBS data… Continue Reading →


A few months ago we (APEX Evangelists) launched the APEX Challenge, a weekly quiz where you get a question about Oracle Application Express. Next to the fun of answering the questions and see your rank, you will hopefully learn something. To make it a bit easier for the APEX community, to find the site, we looked at a specific url… Continue Reading →


With the recent announcement of the Oracle Database Cloud, it also means Oracle gives a strong message towards the APEX community. Oracle Application Express (APEX) will be included in the Database Cloud. If you look at the features of the Database Cloud, for development it’s all APEX and web services (through the APEX listener). Read the full post at dgielis.blogspot.com

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