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Console Wrapper 1.0.4 is officially out. You can download it from the project page: The only change for this release was to resolve an IE 9/10 issue which I previous blogged about. If you’re using any of the ClariFit plugins you may want to update the $console_wrapper.js file that’s included with each plugin. I’ll be sure to include the update file for each of… Continue Reading →

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It’s always good to know how any language handles and propagates exceptions, Oracle PL/SQL being no different. They’re plenty of examples online about raising and handling exceptions on the web, but one thing you may not have realized is how PL/SQL propagates exceptions that occur in the variable declaration section of a procedure. In the first example I created a… Continue Reading →

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One thing that bothers a lot of PL/SQL developers is when they have to select some data from a table into local variables. The problem is that the data may or may not exist (i.e. return 0..1 rows). They’re several ways to write this code, some taking longer than others which is the pain point for developers. I’ve listed out… Continue Reading →

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I had to write some reports for a personal application of mine last night and needed to expand beyond my usual set of analytic functions that I normally use. I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick blog post on these analytic functions. If you’ve never heard of or used Oracle analytic functions please read this article first…. Continue Reading →

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Martin Giffy D’Souza has created some of the most popular plug-ins available on the APEX plug-in community page. He has learned a lot about the architecture and what it takes to make a robust plug-in. In this video, Martin will help get you started with creating your first APEX plug-in. He will also provide you with some tips and useful… Continue Reading →

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I was recently teaching an Intro to APEX course and the students had some questions about what to put in the Expression 1 text area for different conditions and validations based on the Type selected. If you’re new to APEX the various options can be confusing. To help clear things up I have covered various APEX conditions and validations along with code that demonstrates… Continue Reading →

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One of the most anticipated new features that was introduced in APEX 4.0 was the ability to create your own APEX objects using the plugins framework. Since plugins were new when 4.0 was released there were just a handful of examples available online to help you learn how to create them. Today I’m pleased to announce that there’s a new… Continue Reading →

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For nearly four years I’ve enjoyed giving back to the Oracle APEX community in various ways such as the Oracle Forums, this blog, talks at various conferences, authoring free plug-ins, and webinars to name a few. Now I want to continue to help out in a different fashion by running for the ODTUG Board of Directors. I believe I will… Continue Reading →

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