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Prerequisites A local database, for development SQL Developer version or higher (Download) Wallet Manager Getting started To get started, we first need an account on the Oracle cloud. So go to Oracle Cloud, login with your OTN account and request a trial period. You will need to enter a credit card for verification, but it will not get charged… Continue Reading →

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This video and set of resources is a follow up to the webinar broadcast by Red Gate on 13th September 2012. Please see further down the page for a follow up to the Q+A. Watch video The video above is accompanied by the following downloadable scripts: 01_show_db_version.sql 02_show_dbms_assert.sql 03_show_parallel_execution.sql 04_show_utl_match.sql 05_show_dbms_alert.sql 06_show_utl_compress.sql 07_show_utl_inaddr.sql 08_show_owa_util.sql 09_show_apex_util.sql user_and_objects.sql Download all scripts (.zip)… Continue Reading →

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