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As I posted on my blog, I just got the good news that I was accepted as an Oracle ACE Director ! This is something that makes me very proud and honors my work, thanks for everyone that supported me. If you are not familiar with the Oracle ACE Program, it is a way for Oracle to acknowledge not only technical skills but… Continue Reading →


Having used Oracle APEX since its first appearance on the Early Adopter Platform I finally got my hands on the real thing and installed in on my test-system. This Post tries to give you a summary of the big changes in Oracle APEX 4.2 (compared to 4.1.1) from a datamodel/view/API Point of view. If you are coming from APEX 4.0… Continue Reading →


The first ODTUG APEX Plugin Competition was launched on Tuesday March 27th 2012). This is a chance for everybody to submit their self created Plugins to get reviewed, judged and maybe win one of the many Prizes available. Plugins will be judged upon skill level of its creator. That means beginners and experts will not be in the same category,… Continue Reading →

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We all read the blog postings about what features were added in Oracle APEX 4.1, like the ones here, here, here and here. But what does that mean on a more technical level? Which Views have changed, which API’s have changed? Inspired by the webinar over here I thought I’d give the Red Gate Schema Compare Tool a try. The… Continue Reading →

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Going mobile is a hot topic: everyone has a smartphone and wants to access their business data with it. In this webinar, broadcast live on July 2011, Peter Raganitsch demonstrated how he created a mobile APEX Demo Showcase with standard APEX components like Templates, Plugins, Reports, Lists and Forms. Watch a full video recording of the session, including the Q+A…. Continue Reading →

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It isn’t straightforward to design a database application that has to provide text data in several languages. There are several problems to overcome such as, for example, allowing the translation bureau to work independently, using their own specialised formats. Fortunately, Oracle Apex can, if you follow the advice in this article, do the hard work for you. This article should… Continue Reading →

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Going mobile is one of the hot topics at the moment. Everyone has a  smartphone with internet connection and a browser. Some prefer brand A  against brand B, but that’s just a personal preference. It doesn’t really change a thing. You want to join the crowd and provide a mobile interface for your APEX Application? There’s nothing easier than that! As… Continue Reading →