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I use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to mask Oracle databases so they can be shared with our ERP vendor. I intended to do the same with our legacy Informix database but I found that we did not have the Database Gateway licenses required for using Enterprise Manager Data Masking Pack on Informix. We also had a requirement to replace customer names and… Continue Reading →

Database Administration

We have been having performance problems on our test Exadata for several months. I have opened five Oracle service requests for multiple symptoms. While the cpu utilization was fairly low, Oracle background processes would hang, the OEM 12c agent would hang, backup jobs would hang, we would experience slow communications between RAC nodes, half of the cpus would be in… Continue Reading →

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We recently bought another company and we are in the process of integrating our systems with theirs. One requirement was to import their daily business data into our Business Intelligence system for reporting. We agreed they would provide an Oracle datapump export file for us to import. We wanted to automate this and have a non-privileged application owner perform the… Continue Reading →

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I recently moved a 2TB database from Linux, Oracle 11.1 to AIX, Oracle 11.2 using impdp with network_link and parallel options. The data was imported in about two hours and the indexes took another 7 hours. There was no downtime but we kept the users off the system while this was happening. Here is the command I used on the… Continue Reading →

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We have a new DBA in training and part of my job is to mentor and demonstrate good Oracle practices. Here’s a write up I made for him on how I solved a performance issue. Issue: The BI team complained about a large query in out production BI database that had been running slowly for the past few days. Steps to resolve: Action… Continue Reading →

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This was a last minute request to move five databases on two servers from an old failing storage system to a new one. There was a total of 5.6 terabytes to move and the databases were in heavy use by the development team. The DBA who usually supported these systems was unavailable so I started working with the storage team… Continue Reading →

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