This week I attended a webinar by Cary Millsap, organized by Red Gate. It was called “Real Developers DO use Tools” and was focussed on, well, tools. At the end of Cary’s talk, James Murtagh showed a demo of their Schema Compare tool. The demo wasn’t flawless, but he recovered nicely 🙂 (note to self: don’t do live demo’s). And this – the demo, not the occuring error – triggered a memory that I wanted to write a blog on the Schema Compare tool.

If you missed the webinar you can find it on the website of Red Gate here:

I had the pleasure of meeting James Murtagh during the UKOUG annual conference at the end of last year. James also hosts the All Things Oracle site. While we were discussing different topics (even non-oracle) he asked me which tool is my “development tool of choice”. The tool I use predominantly is PL/SQL Developer by Allround Automations. “We have a plugin for that”,… time to take a closer look at the tool…

Rread my review of using Schema Compare for Oracle with PL/SQL Developer on my Notes on Oracle blog.