Having used Oracle APEX since its first appearance on the Early Adopter Platform I finally got my hands on the real thing and installed in on my test-system.

This Post tries to give you a summary of the big changes in Oracle APEX 4.2 (compared to 4.1.1) from a datamodel/view/API Point of view.

If you are coming from APEX 4.0 (or older) read the Posts about the differences in Oracle APEX 4.1 and the Patchset 4.1.1 at first.

What I did to find all those changes is mainly doing a DIFF (using Mac’s FileMerge Tool) of the apex_views.sql File which is located in the /core folder of the APEX Zip-File. I found this method the easiest one to get a good overview, because when you see what changed in the public APEX Views, you also can guess what changed in the Application Builder and in the API’s.

To get in deeper I also did a Schema-Compare of APEX_040100 and APEX_040200, but that gives you a mix of internal and public objects and they also use other names on their packages internally. e.g. the public APEX_UTIL Package is just a synonym on HTMLDB_UTIL . In the end this can get pretty confusing.

You can read a summary of more or less important findings on my blog. Please note that this isn’t a complete list, there is always more to find out 🙂