Ben Burrell, AKA Munky, started developing when he was young and using Oracle products when he was a bit older. He is now a consultant database developer, specialising in APEX, SQL and PL/SQL development as well as performance tuning.

Ben has helped push forward the use of external javascript libraries in conjunction with APEX and is currently working on numerous projects to exploit the new plugin framework in APEX. He enjoys presenting and is planning to do so at numerous user group conferences in 2012 on topics varying from APEX application portals to recursive sub-query factoring.

He is a regular contributor the OTN APEX and PL/SQL & SQL fora under the handle, Munky. He strives, somewhat unsuccessfully, to regularly maintain his (mostly) APEX related blog.

Ben is based on the Isle of Man and, in his spare time, enjoys cooking for his oracle-widowed better half and sailing and working on his boat, Quackers.