Matt Nolan has been working with Oracle products since 2001 and has been developing simple, complex and cutting-edge applications with APEX since 2005. In 2009 he secured 3rd place in the Global APEX Developer competition

Prior to launching APEX Freelancer, Matt held the position of Development Team Lead in one of the United Kingdom’s leading Oracle database managed services companies. He helped establish their development arm after introducing the company to the power and potential of Oracle Application Express.

With 10 years Oracle experience under his belt, Matt is highly skilled at PLSQL, SQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, and Java. However, his real passion is further unlocking the latent capability of APEX. Matt is at the forefront of integrating different technologies, such as Ext JS, into APEX to deliver feature rich and cost-effective outcomes for commercial and government organisations.

APEX Freelancer

The APEX Freelancer website and blog provides an overview of the services Matt can offer you and the solutions he has implemented, alongside articles Matt has written.