This video is a follow up to the webinar broadcast by Red Gate on 27th March 2012. Please leave a response and ask questions at the bottom of the page.

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This webinar features a demonstration of Source Control for Oracle. You can find out more about this new tool here: Source Control for Oracle.


The DBA’s job is to keep the database stable, accessible, and recoverable from every disaster. The developer’s job – with the help of change control – is to implement changes to the database with new features and enhancements. This causes friction, because their roles are fundamentally opposed: the developer’s changes can have a major impact on the DBA’s goal of stability. How can they ever get along?

This webinar explores how DBAs and developers can share technical skills, bridge gaps in terminology, understand each other better, and ultimately work together more effectively.

A live Q&A session with Kellyn Pot’Vin will follow the presentation.