This video is a follow up to the webinar broadcast by Red Gate on 14th November 2012. Please leave a response and ask questions at the bottom of the page.


The journey of a team-developed database, from initial development to successful deployment to production, involves many stages. Regardless of the specific development methodology employed (ITIL, Scrum, etc.) it is vital that a process is put in place to manage the people involved, their code, and the environments. In the context of an agile approach, getting this right has a huge impact on the continuous delivery of valuable software.

An important part of any process is source code control. For application developers it’s unthinkable to work without source control, but database source code control on the other hand is not yet common practice. A project with source control ensures that developers are working in collaboration and on the latest codebase, which leads to faster release cycles and fewer mistakes.

Presented by OakTable members Dominic Delmolino and Cary Millsap, the goal of this webinar is to offer practical advice to help database teams work closer and better together.

A live Q&A session with Dominic and Cary follows the presentation.