Just back from a full week in San Antonio for KScope12. I really had a good time. ODTUG provides us with the best conference for developers in the world. Seen some great sessions, met up with some old friends, made a lot of new ones, met in real life with some people I knew only from the internet.

On Saturday I went to the River Walk with Chet JusticeJeff SmithDan McGhan and Galo Balda. Here we went to see The Alamo, had dinner at Café Ole and met up with Tim Gorman and Kellyn Pot’Vin.

On Sunday the Sunday symposiums took place. I kinda mixed the Application Express symposium with the DB & Developers toolbox. Saw some nice new things on APEX 4.2 (early adopter available here), learnt some nice stuff about the Oracle Cloud got some insight on how Oracle handles your queries.

The night started with the speaker/ambassador/mentor reception where I got to meet up with some old and new friends. Then it was right into the welcoming reception where I had some good laughs watching the thirsty games. Also, I want to thank Jeff Smith for getting me the first t-shirt of the conference. The ORACLENERD shirt.

On Monday the KScope sessions started. I went to see Tim Gorman on RDBMS Forensics. Learn a bit about how you can troubleshoot errors in you production database. Then it was Jonathan Lewis who explained Single Table Access Paths. I have been working with Oracle for over 10 years but only now I think I understand what’s going on ‘under the hood’. Then it was off to the APEX track for Christian Rokitta on APEX and JQuery Mobile. There was no ambassador for this session, so I decided to do this. I gained the ambassador’s badge for this.

You read what I did for the rest of the conference on my blog