calendar iconWednesday January 28, 2015, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT

Description: After a short introduction into what the Oracle Exadata Database Machine is, in this one-hour webinar Oracle expert Randolf Geist will look at an analysis of different database query profiles that are based on a real-world customer case, how these different profiles influence the efficiency of Exadata’s “secret sauce” features, as well as the new Oracle In-Memory column store option. Based on the analysis different optimization strategies are presented along with lessons learned.

Tune in on January 28th to watch this free webinar online.


Randolf Geist 1About Randolf: Randolf Geist has been working with Oracle software for 20 years now, and since 2000, as freelance database consultant. He focuses primarily on performance-related issues, and in particular in helping people to understand and unleash the power of the Oracle cost based optimizer (CBO) – being available for short-term, short notice assignments regarding Oracle performance troubleshooting and in-house seminars / consulting.

He blogs about CBO related issues at, regularly contributes to the official OTN database-related forums and is also co-author of Expert Oracle Practices, the latest book published by the “OakTable press” where he contributed the performance related chapters.

Randolf is a regular speaker at all major user conferences around the world, and also acts as an instructor for the Oracle University as part of their “Celebrity Seminar” program, where he gives seminars on “Advanced Oracle Performance Troubleshooting”. Randolf is a proud member of the Oak Table Network and the Oracle ACE Director program.

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