This video is a follow up to the webinar broadcast by Red Gate on 30th January 2012. Please leave a response and ask questions at the bottom of the page.

This webinar features a demonstration of Source Control for Oracle. You can find out more about this new tool here: Source Control for Oracle.


A source control system allows a database team to maintain a single, authoritative, shared repository of project resources, while enabling multiple individuals to work on the same codebase, without having to constantly send files back and forth.

The problem for databases is that source control rests on the sharing and monitoring of a set of files. Database development does not typically involve source files, and so database source control has historically been difficult.

In this webinar, James Murtagh will look at some of the challenges for Oracle database teams and will demonstrate how Red Gate’s new Source Control for Oracle tool will significantly improve Oracle source code control.

A Q+A session with James Murtagh follows the presentation.