This video is a follow up to the webinar broadcast by Red Gate on 27th February 2012. Please leave a response and ask questions at the bottom of the page.

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This webinar features a demonstration of Source Control for Oracle. You can find out more about this new tool here: Source Control for Oracle.


SQL Monitoring is the best new feature of Oracle 11g for performance analysts, developers and support teams. Finally there is a tool that provides the most accurate, useful and interesting information when a SQL statement is running for longer than expected in a clear format with no minimal advance configuration requirements:

  • What execution plan is really being used?
  • What row source cardinality calculations are incorrect?
  • What steps in the plan are taking the most time and consuming most resources?

In this presentation, Doug Burns will demonstrate the various ways of accessing SQL Monitoring functionality and use example reports to show how the information can be used to analyse both currently running and completed statements. It will also describe and offer solutions to some of the minor quirks you might encounter.

A live Q+A with Doug Burns follows the presentation