calendar icon Weds July 31st, 2013

To many people who build and run software, “performance” is a side-effect, an afterthought of designing and building “proper” features like buttons that book orders and reports that explain profitability. But great performance at scale doesn’t happen by accident. The first step to great performance is to remember what performance is: it is the answer to the question, “What have people been experiencing?” Knowing what people experience when they use your software is possible only if you treat performance as a proper feature–a feature you analyze, design, build, test, and maintain.

This session for system owners, users, designers, developers, and DBAs discusses performance in terms that everyone can understand. It explains why so many in the Oracle ecosystem have lost sight of the basic notion that performance is an attribute of the end-user experience. It explains how performance should really be measured, and it explains the steps that will get you started.

A live Q&A session with Cary Millsap will follow the presentation.