There are many good articles out there that go into detail for creating reports with Oracle SQL Developer. I was reading my predecessor’s write up in Oracle Magazine (May 2007) on the subject, and keyed into the following snippet:

Building a Chart

When creating a report with the Chart style, the rule of thumb is to use SELECT group, series, data FROM table . So the basic tabular report you created earlier also has the right ingredients for the Chart style. Another good use of the Chart report style is for looking at your system information graphically. For example, to look at the trends of the datatypes used in columns in each table in a particular schema, create a new report, by setting Style to Chart and using the following query as the SQL:

select table_name, data_type,
from all_tab_columns
where owner = ‘HR’
group by table_name, data_type

Except in the chart report I wanted to create, I only had 2 columns. Here is the query I was using to feed data to the chart in SQL Developer:

SELECT country,count(*) FROM beer
group by country
having count(*) > 100
order by 2 desc

Running MY query gives me data that looks like this:

United States 4140
Germany 1911
United Kingdom 639
Russia 544
Canada 435
Japan 348
France 267
Brazil 223
Belgium 198
Australia 195
Italy 172
Poland 171
Czech Republic 166
China 133
Denmark 130
Austria 128
New Zealand 104

Read the full article on my blogto find out how to turn this into a chart report.