When Jonathan Lewis decided it was time to post a list of the Partition Stats posts on his blog and Noons suggested I made them easier to track down, I listened. So this post will link to the others and, at least in the short term, I’ve also included links in the side-bar on my Oracle blog.

Part 1 – Default options – GLOBAL AND PARTITION

Part 2 – Estimated Global Stats

Part 3 – Stats Aggregation Problems I

Part 4 – Stats Aggregation Problems II

Part 5 – Minimal Stats Aggregation

Part 6a – COPY_TABLE_STATS – Intro

Part 6b – COPY_TABLE_STATS – Mistakes

Part 6c – COPY_TABLE_STATS – Bugs and Patches

Part 6d – COPY_TABLE_STATS – A Light-bulb Moment