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March 1, 2017

I accidentally locked myself out of my house this evening, and so I had to climb up the wall like a burglar and clamber in through a bathroom window, while the neighbourhood kids all watched and giggled, probably taking secret photos to share on Snapchat or something.  Embarrassing, yes, but what’s it got to do with Oracle? Well, the point… Continue Reading →

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All databases stand on a tripod of datatypes: strings, numbers and dates. And though they might dress them in fancy clothing – varchar2, clob, float, integer – strings are really just strings, and numbers are really just numbers. But dates — dates are interesting. In this article I’ll talk to you about dates, about time, and about how both are… Continue Reading →

All Things Oracle Full Articles

Come, young one.  Come sit by the open fire; hold your cold hands to its warmth. Let me tell you a story.  Back when I was young, the world was a simpler place: we roamed the plains, hunted game with our spears – and Oracle Select statements consisted of only a SELECT, a FROM and, possibly, a WHERE. Things done… Continue Reading →

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