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February 3, 2017

In the 3rd part of this series, I introduced you to the concept of the bind variables. We also learned their importance in regard to cursors, i.e. how with the presence of bind variables, cursor reparsing can be reduced significantly. But as is famously said in the world of performance tuning, there is nothing black or white: it’s all grey…. Continue Reading →

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Rebuilding indexes is an activity that you shouldn’t need to do often. There are always a few special cases – like when you’ve moved or recreated a table or if you’ve done a massive delete on a table – when it’s probably a reasonable idea but, in general, there are very few cases where there’s any great benefit to be… Continue Reading →

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Text Indexes

Jonathan Lewis on 05 September 2016 with 4 comments

The Oracle database has many features that are not spoken of frequently and a recent note by Connor McDonald reminded me that there are a couple of notes about optimising Text indexes that have been on my “must write” list for several years. If you’re not familiar with what text indexes can do for you, here’s a thumbnail sketch: create… Continue Reading →

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As data in tables is updated and / or deleted, pockets of empty space can be created, leading to fragmented free space. This free space is wasted space as it is insufficient to hold new data. Moreover, it can impact performance of the database as a higher number of sparsely-populated blocks need to be visited. Oracle 11g introduced online segment… Continue Reading →


In a recent article about dropping columns from a table I left hanging the question of what you might do after you have dropped the column, because dropping a column is really nothing more than a special case of the “massive delete”. In this article, then, I’m going to lay the groundwork for how we ought to think around the… Continue Reading →

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