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February 22, 2017

In this sixth and final installment in this introductory series on JSON I’d like to revisit the question of generating JSON from your Oracle database. Cos it’s great to be able to consume a format; but if you can’t spit it out easily too you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. Easily, that’s the keyword in that sentence. In my previous… Continue Reading →

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In this fifth article in our series on JSON and the Oracle database we’ll be pulling the curtains back on the magic tricks that can convert your boring old relational data to JSON. OK, maybe that’s overselling it a little. Obviously there’s no magic involved; indeed some may say it’s anything but. But before we get to all of that,… Continue Reading →

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There’s a possibility you’ve parachuted into this series on JSON and Oracle at this point. If you are already familiar with what JSON is and how it is created, and are only interested in discovering how to wrestle JSON data from an Oracle database, then you’re welcome, grab a seat. However, if you see the words JSON and Oracle, and… Continue Reading →

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Welcome to part three in this series of articles about Oracle and its uneasy romance with JSON. Uneasy? Well, that’s a bit of a spoiler; so far it’s been smooth sailing. Part 1 was a precis of JSON, while Part 2 delved into the reasons for Oracle’s involvement in the area. So far so good; but now we’ve got to… Continue Reading →

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In this short series of articles, we’ll be talking about JSON and its integration with the Oracle database.  The first part was an introduction to JSON itself, and was, admittedly, very light on Oracle.  But now it’s probably time to bring Oracle more into the story and talk about how the database has adapted to handle this new format. Or, actually,… Continue Reading →

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Hi, meet my friend JSON. Chances are you’ve heard of it, perhaps you have a vague idea of what it’s for – something to do with data-interchange – perhaps you even suspect that the J stands for Javascript… or is that Java? The rise in JSON’s popularity has been pretty meteoric, from its early days back in the year 2001… Continue Reading →

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