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February 9, 2017

PartitionedIndexEfficiency Although it is generally true that rebuilding an index represents a waste of time and resources, there nevertheless exist situations where degenerated indexes might benefit from reorganisation. When you think you are in such a situation, instead of shooting in the dark and rebuilding all indexes, you are better off finding and rebuilding only those indexes occupying more space… Continue Reading →

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In the 3rd part of this series, I introduced you to the concept of the bind variables. We also learned their importance in regard to cursors, i.e. how with the presence of bind variables, cursor reparsing can be reduced significantly. But as is famously said in the world of performance tuning, there is nothing black or white: it’s all grey…. Continue Reading →

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In an earlier article on investigating indexes I described some methods for looking at the internal structure of an index to get an idea of its current state of health. Although this type of knowledge helps you to make informed decisions about which indexes might need special treatment (like being permanently dropped, perhaps) it doesn’t immediately answer questions like: “what’s… Continue Reading →

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As data in tables is updated and / or deleted, pockets of empty space can be created, leading to fragmented free space. This free space is wasted space as it is insufficient to hold new data. Moreover, it can impact performance of the database as a higher number of sparsely-populated blocks need to be visited. Oracle 11g introduced online segment… Continue Reading →