The following video and set of resources are from the webinar broadcast by Red Gate on 21 June 2012.

SQL and PL/SQL are deceptively simple, user-friendly languages, which is great for productivity, but also makes it relatively easy to write bad, non-scalable code. Certain features, in particular, seem to sound an irresistible siren call into a world of Oracle applications that perform poorly and yield unpredictable results.

In this webinar, Tom Kyte, a Senior Technical Architect at Oracle Corporation, and the man behind, takes a look at a few of the worst offenders:

  • Triggers – much trickery is possible via triggers, and much of it causes pain, confusion and unexpected side effects
  • Indexes, NULLs and cardinality – misinformation abounds with regard to the effect of NULLs on cardinality estimates, and the impact of NULLs on index use
  • Implicit conversions – strings to numbers, strings to dates, raw to string… probably #2 on the list of ‘bugs I see time and time (and time) again’

With Tom’s typically example-driven approach, you’ll see first-hand evidence of the damage caused when fundamental features are misused, misunderstood and implemented badly.

A live Q+A session with Tom follows the presentation.