The below content is based on a David Peake‘s presentation at OOW 2012 and APEX World 2013. As the Oracle Database 12c is not out yet at the time of writing, note that things might be different in the final product. The Oracle Database 12c is a major release in Oracle history, as it contains a complete redesign of the underlying architecture. Two… Continue Reading →

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Prerequisites A local database, for development SQL Developer version or higher (Download) Wallet Manager Getting started To get started, we first need an account on the Oracle cloud. So go to Oracle Cloud, login with your OTN account and request a trial period. You will need to enter a credit card for verification, but it will not get charged… Continue Reading →

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When working with APEX, you also need a number of tools to improve the efficiency of your work. It isn’t enough to just have the APEX IDE at your disposal. Besides the APEX IDE for the application development, you may use a bunch of other tools. This is what I mean by the APEX ECO-System. For the PL/SQL development and… Continue Reading →

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Trust is a great force multiplier. – Tom Ridge When you build a web application you have two choices for the pages: they can either be public or protected. Mostly you will build applications using a combination of the two. Some pages will be publicly available, like the landing page of your application, but there will also be pages which… Continue Reading →

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Having used Oracle APEX since its first appearance on the Early Adopter Platform I finally got my hands on the real thing and installed in on my test-system. This Post tries to give you a summary of the big changes in Oracle APEX 4.2 (compared to 4.1.1) from a datamodel/view/API Point of view. If you are coming from APEX 4.0… Continue Reading →


If you missed out on this year’s KScope conference, you missed out on a tremendous amount of APEX content.  You missed the APEX 4.2 preview and discussions from Oracle.  You missed great sessions on the APEX Listener, jQuery, Dynamic Actions, etc.  You missed the opportunity to actually meet some of the best APEX experts on the planet. Fear not! APEXposed… Continue Reading →


Martin Giffy D’Souza has created some of the most popular plug-ins available on the APEX plug-in community page. He has learned a lot about the architecture and what it takes to make a robust plug-in. In this video, Martin will help get you started with creating your first APEX plug-in. He will also provide you with some tips and useful… Continue Reading →

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I was recently teaching an Intro to APEX course and the students had some questions about what to put in the Expression 1 text area for different conditions and validations based on the Type selected. If you’re new to APEX the various options can be confusing. To help clear things up I have covered various APEX conditions and validations along with code that demonstrates… Continue Reading →

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There is a series of posts on my blog where I focussed on getting information out of E-Business Suite and use it in my APEX application. This is especially useful for people using APEX. Here is a complete overview of those posts: Calling EBS Webservices from APEX Using EBS Open Interface from APEX Debugging EBS API calls in APEX Updating EBS data… Continue Reading →


You may be familiar with Martin Giffy D’Souza’s blog talkapex.com (if you’re not, check it out – it’s really worthwhile). But wouldn’t it be nice to not only talk about APEX, but also to APEX? The only thing you need is a recent version of Chrome (11 or up) and a microphone. And then…just by entering “x-webkit-speech” to the HTML… Continue Reading →