There is a series of posts on my blog where I focussed on getting information out of E-Business Suite and use it in my APEX application. This is especially useful for people using APEX. Here is a complete overview of those posts: Calling EBS Webservices from APEX Using EBS Open Interface from APEX Debugging EBS API calls in APEX Updating EBS data… Continue Reading →


You may be familiar with Martin Giffy D’Souza’s blog talkapex.com (if you’re not, check it out – it’s really worthwhile). But wouldn’t it be nice to not only talk about APEX, but also to APEX? The only thing you need is a recent version of Chrome (11 or up) and a microphone. And then…just by entering “x-webkit-speech” to the HTML… Continue Reading →


Last weeks I ran into some issues with APEX, so let’s take some time to write something about them. The most recent is about heterogeneous services (also referenced as HS). Here is the case: We have an Oracle DB instance with some APEX applications and in one of those applications I need data from a MS SQL server database. Not… Continue Reading →

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While it is very easy to create a “Form and a Report” on a single table or view (just follow the wizard), it is not always intuitive for end users that they should navigate to the form page to remove the record. A nicer solution is the one described by Anthony Rayner in this demo page. This solution uses a… Continue Reading →

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One of the most anticipated new features that was introduced in APEX 4.0 was the ability to create your own APEX objects using the plugins framework. Since plugins were new when 4.0 was released there were just a handful of examples available online to help you learn how to create them. Today I’m pleased to announce that there’s a new… Continue Reading →

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Always a good idea to upgrade on a Friday.. not… In the past I did numerous upgrades to the latest APEX release, and never really encountered big problems. It was always very smooth, kudos to the APEX-team. If something went wrong it was mostly my own fault, which I will admit now. Because of the history of going very smoothly,… Continue Reading →


We all read the blog postings about what features were added in Oracle APEX 4.1, like the ones here, here, here and here. But what does that mean on a more technical level? Which Views have changed, which API’s have changed? Inspired by the webinar over here I thought I’d give the Red Gate Schema Compare Tool a try. The… Continue Reading →

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Understanding is required before success is possible [Dune] old Orange Catholic Bible When you want to hide and display certain regions in an APEX based application based on the selection of the user, for instance when a button or a link is pressed then you can of course use the Region Display Selector, but this takes up a region on… Continue Reading →

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A few months ago we (APEX Evangelists) launched the APEX Challenge, a weekly quiz where you get a question about Oracle Application Express. Next to the fun of answering the questions and see your rank, you will hopefully learn something. To make it a bit easier for the APEX community, to find the site, we looked at a specific url… Continue Reading →


For nearly four years I’ve enjoyed giving back to the Oracle APEX community in various ways such as the Oracle Forums, this blog, talks at various conferences, authoring free plug-ins, and webinars to name a few. Now I want to continue to help out in a different fashion by running for the ODTUG Board of Directors. I believe I will… Continue Reading →

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