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Oracle Database 12c has new enhancements and additions to Recovery Manager (RMAN).  The Recovery Manager continues to enhance and extend the reliability, efficiency, and availability of Oracle Database Backup and Recovery. In this article series, I will be explaining the new features and how it will help the Oracle community. See new features covered in Part 1 – Oracle Database… Continue Reading →

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The Oracle GoldenGate software package delivers low-impact, real-time data integration and transactional data replication across heterogeneous systems for continuous availability, zero-downtime migration, and business intelligence. Oracle GoldenGate 12c empowers organizations to capture, route, transform, and deliver transactional data between heterogeneous databases in real time with minimal overhead.  In 12c, it is now available with new features for all major operating… Continue Reading →

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Prerequisites A local database, for development SQL Developer version or higher (Download) Wallet Manager Getting started To get started, we first need an account on the Oracle cloud. So go to Oracle Cloud, login with your OTN account and request a trial period. You will need to enter a credit card for verification, but it will not get charged… Continue Reading →

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Introduction: Oracle Restart is a component added to the 11gR2 in order to improve the high availability of different database resources. Database instances, listeners are resources that can be automatically restarted after a hardware or software failure or whenever the server host restarts. These components can be easily added to the Oracle Restart using the crsctl add command. In this… Continue Reading →

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Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is the new name for what was previously know as Enterprise Manager Grid Control. Depending on the source of the material, you may still see the product described as Grid Control. This article (read it in full on describes the installation of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 1 on Oracle Linux 5.7 and… Continue Reading →

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With the recent announcement of the Oracle Database Cloud, it also means Oracle gives a strong message towards the APEX community. Oracle Application Express (APEX) will be included in the Database Cloud. If you look at the features of the Database Cloud, for development it’s all APEX and web services (through the APEX listener). Read the full post at

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