Prior to oracle database 12c, the procedures for converting from single-instance databases to Real Application Clusters involved following steps: Configure the control file attributes and move control file to shared storage Make the initialization parameter file entries for cluster-enabled environments and move SPfile to shared storage Create an undo tablespace for each additional instance Create redo threads for each additional… Continue Reading →

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We have been having performance problems on our test Exadata for several months. I have opened five Oracle service requests for multiple symptoms. While the cpu utilization was fairly low, Oracle background processes would hang, the OEM 12c agent would hang, backup jobs would hang, we would experience slow communications between RAC nodes, half of the cpus would be in… Continue Reading →

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RAC One Node

Aman Sharma on 25 April 2013 with 43 comments

In the past few years, technology has become a very important aspect of our lives. There isn’t any moment when we are not connected to or using technology and this is not to do some core geeky stuff but for the tasks which have become a part of our lives. Can you imagine a day when you are unable to connect to… Continue Reading →

11g, All Things Oracle Full Articles, Database Administration, Oracle Database, RAC