Red Gate Software is working with a number of Oracle experts to develop a comprehensive webinar program to help support Oracle developers and DBAs. Five sessions have been confirmed, with topics ranging from performance tuning, database security, data encryption and APEX, giving you one session per month up until February 2012. But sessions won’t be limited to one per month; some familiar names in the Oracle world are already planning topics around PL/SQL and database administration, which will hopefully be broadcast before the end of the year. On top of the live presentation, these sessions provide a unique opportunity to ask the presenters questions and get immediate feedback.

The program kicks off on 19th Oct 2011 with a joint session between Oracle ACE Director Scott Spendolini and Red Gate’s James Murtagh: “Speed up your APEX Development” looks at two tools which will reduce your workload by automating mundane but intrinsically important tasks, to give you more control over managing changes and building secure APEX applications.

On 2nd Nov 2011, Oracle ACE Director and ex-VP at Oracle Corporation Cary Millsap presents; “Instrumentation: Why you Should Bother”. This session will look at how achieving excellent runtime diagnostics is surprisingly easy if you design the diagnostic features into the application from its inception.

Then on 22nd Nov 2011, former founding member of Oracle’s System Performamce Group, Dominic Delmolini will present “Applied Rapid Development Techniques for Database Engineers”. This session will describe Dominic’s experience with implementing a rapid refactoring and professional schema management process using standard software development techniques combined with built-in Oracle capabilities.

The last (confirmed) session of this year sees another Oracle ACE Director and highly-respected DBA, Michelle Malcher , present a session on “Practical DBA Secure Configuration” on 7th Dec 2011. You will learn about the reasons to use different system and administrator roles and creating an environment that will allow for separation of duties. Red Gate is honoured to be working with Michelle on two further session on 25th Jan and 29 Feb 2012: “Encrypting the Right Data with Oracle 11g” and “Security in the Database is more than Just Granting Access”.

All of the webinars are free but you will need to register to get the log–in details. All registrants will also be sent a link to the recording after the live event. To find out more information please visit the Oracle webinar section on the Red Gate website.