This is the recording of Karl Arao’s webinar from April 1. The webinar slides begin about 1 minute in. Watch Karl Arao from Enkitec discuss the usual CPU monitoring tools in OEM, visualization enhancements that can be made by AWR analytics, as well as how these can be applied to critical capacity planning scenarios. You can see the full description… Continue Reading →

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Securing enterprise business-critical data is as important for DBAs as database tuning and data protection. Oracle provides comprehensive and powerful security controls/solutions to ensure data privacy and data security which will help with meeting regulatory compliance. Oracle supports the following security controls: Data Masking Advance Security (TDE, Data Redaction) Label security Virtual Private Database (VPD) Fine Grained Auditing (FGA) Data… Continue Reading →

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After providing a baseline for Parallel Execution working as expected in the introduction of this series, in this part I’ll demonstrate how things can go wrong with the work distribution. A Simple Example Of Parallel Execution Skew One common source of Parallel Execution Skew is a skewed foreign key, which means that the value distribution of the foreign key column… Continue Reading →

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A wise man* once said, all software programming is about hoops and loops. You take some variables, give them hoops to jump through and, depending on their success or failure, you give them some actions to loop through a number of times. Might sound basic, but that’s what all software code – from Angry Birds to the space shuttle –… Continue Reading →

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In part 1 of this series we saw two basic ways of creating, or acquiring, execution plans. The first method gave us the optimizer’s prediction of what it would (possibly) do if you ran the query: explain plan for {sql statement} select * from table(dbms_xplan.display); The second method told us what the optimizer had done after we ran the query…. Continue Reading →

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This is the first part of a mini-series about Parallel Execution Skew and how to address it. Introduction So what does “Parallel Execution Skew” mean? With Oracle Enterprise Edition you can have Oracle automatically spread the processing of a single SQL statement across several worker processes in the hope to complete the processing in less elapsed wall-clock time. Note: The… Continue Reading →

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Title: Where did my CPU go? Date: April 1 2014 Time: 9AM – 10AM CDT Presenter: Karl Arao Register here This free webinar will focus on CPU monitoring and capacity planning. We will highlight scenarios typically encountered on a massively consolidated environment. For example, an environment where you may have 30+ databases and need to know how many CPU cores… Continue Reading →


If you have to tackle performance problems in an Oracle database one of the most important skills you need to acquire is the ability to interpret execution plans, and in this series of articles I’ll be telling you how to do just that. We’ll start with a couple of articles that look at some of the ways we can access… Continue Reading →

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 A wise man* once said: To build the Great Wall of China, you must start with a brick. In our previous articles we acquainted ourselves with our bricks; now it’s time to build. If we consider what we’ve learned so far – Select, Update, Insert, Delete – as unicellular organisms, what we’re about to… Continue Reading →

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When Oracle initially introduced the standby database concepts, the solo intention was to deliver the solutions to protect enterprise critical business data from any sort of natural and unnatural disasters. Since its innovation, Oracle has incorporated huge amount of new functionality/features and made several enhancements to ensure the standby database deliver and meet various user demands. This article is not… Continue Reading →

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