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Attendees to this year’s ODTUG Kscope conference will have the opportunity to get involved in a live software development experience on the Red Gate exhibition stand (stand no. 424 – 425). Attendees will provide input to go from zero to first prototype in 3 days through a series of rapid development sessions live on the stand.

Monday’s feedback is Tuesday’s features

The entire stand will be turned into a mini development lab to create a prototype for an Oracle schema version control tool over the course of the 3 exhibition days. Red Gate will be involving 100’s of people in rapid feedback sessions during 9 sprints to develop a paper prototype and then using this feedback to build an HTML prototype. The prototype will constantly evolve based on the feedback from Kscope attendees: features will be added, deleted and improved, and the prototype may even be scrapped completely several times. The main thing is that Oracle developers and DBAs can define how they want this tool to work, and this will go straight into the final product. Find out more…

A unique two-way learning experience

Participants will get to experience rapid prototyping, agile development and learn how a company like Red Gate develops software. At the same time Red Gate will gain loads of feedback on the features, UI and requirements for an Oracle version control tool. So if you’re making your way to Kscope12, please join in on stand 424 – 425 for a unique two-way learning experience. ODTUG Kscope12 runs from 24 – 28 June in San Antonio, Texas.

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Daily update

Kscope12 runs from 24 – 28 June in San Antonio, Texas. As the prototype progresses we’ll be keeping a blog post up-to-date on All Things and including photos. Please keep checking back to see how Kscope attendees and the Red Gate team are getting on and use the comments function to add your feedback.

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How will the tool work?

The tool – currently named Source Control for Oracle – will connect to your existing version control system to automatically store a complete history of your Oracle database schema changes. With your database under source control (just like your application code) your development team can share, track and understand schema changes quickly and easily. Find out more…