A one-day course taught by Cary Millsap
London, UK, 8 Sept 2011

Oracle trace data is an extraordinarily rich information source for database application developers, administrators, and anyone who cares about the speed of an Oracle Database application. Oracle trace files include information that yields value throughout your software life cycle, whether you’ve bought prebuilt applications or built them yourself. This course, designed and taught by Cary Millsap, is your fast track to becoming a master of this commonly underutilized data source.

Cary has the rare ability to teach complex topics in a manner that everyone can understand. He is innovative and entertaining, and he always challenges his audiences to think beyond the status quo. Andrew Zitelli · Thales-Raytheon Systems · Fullerton, California


Topics covered in the one-day course include:

  • Fundamentals of software performance
  • Collecting Oracle trace data
  • Understanding the Oracle trace data stream
  • Limitations of standard Oracle tools
  • Using MR Trace and MR Tools
  • Detecting performance anti-patterns

To find out more about this course and to register, please visit: http://methodr20110908.eventbrite.com/