Michelle Malcher (Oracle Ace Director and a representative on the Oracle Security Customer Advisor Council for the Independent Oracle User Group) presents practical ways to look at security and implementing standards and procedures around the database environment to account for the security outside of the users, including secured environments for regulations and compliance. Oracle 11g provides transparent data encryption at… Continue Reading →

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It has been a common practice and relatively a tough task for almost every individual Oracle DBA to decide whether to proceed or not with the upgrade whenever Oracle releases new version. The core objective of this presentation is to share my experience of upgrading 4 Cluster environments with nearly 200 databases to Oracle 11gR2. The presentation is best suited… Continue Reading →

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This article is based on the webinar delivered on 22 Nov 2011. You can read the full article below including the Q+A or: Download a PDF version Watch a video recording: Applied Rapid Development Techniques for Database Engineers In this article, Dominic Delmolino describes his experience in implementing a rapid refactoring and professional schema management process using standard software development… Continue Reading →

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Cary Millsap (Oracle Ace Director, co-founder of the OakTable) explains how the principles of the Agile Manifesto have defined his most commercially and technically successful projects (specifically, the implementation of the Agile Manifesto called Extreme Programming (XP), as explained by Kent Beck). Watch a full video recording of the session, including the Q+A. Visit the Red Gate website for more… Continue Reading →

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